Clinic Fees

From January 2024. We are PRIVATE BILLING practice with Medicare rebate available.

GP Consult
Bulk-Billing is only available for patients:

  • Under 16 years old
  • Valid Pension, Health Care and DVA card holders
Consult Item Number Payment Rebate Gap
Standard Acupuncture 23 86.40 41.40 $45.00
Telephone consultation
(Existing Patient Only)
91891 86.40 41.40 $45.00
Long Consultation
(Multiple/ Complex issues)
36 150.10 80.10 $70.00
Prolonged Consultation
44 350 118.00 $232.00

**For patients who do not hold a Medicare Card, full fees will apply. Payment is expected at the time of consultation**

Acupuncture (Dr. Phin Lim)

**Bulk-Billing is available for patients over 75 with valid pension card**
**Private fee applied for Press needles and Moxa regardless of age or pension**

Consult Item Number Fee Rebate Gap
Acupuncture 197 128.95 78.95 $50.00
Acupuncture 193 90.75 40.75 $50.00
Press needles Moxibustion
197 148.95 78.95 $70.00
Press needles Moxibustion
193 110.75 40.75 $70.00

IV Therapy

Therapy Fee Rebate Gap
Iron Infusion $280.10 $80.10 $200.00
Other IV Therapy
(e.g. Myer’s Cocktail,
Glutathion, Vitamin B
Complex, Immune Boost)
Please enquire Not covered

Skin Cancer Check (Dr. Nirmala Chand)

**Bulk-Billing is available for patients over 70 with valid pension card**

Consult Fee Rebate Gap
Full Body Skin Check $130.10 $80.10 $50.00
Skin Cancer Procedure
Surgical Excisions
To be advised by doctor.
Depends on the size,
location, and complexity
of the area.
Partially covered – depends on item number.

**If you’ve had a biopsy done during your skin check, you will need to book a follow up appointment to get your
results. If surgical excision is required, the doctor will notify you of the fees at the time of your review consultation. A
follow-up procedure appointment will be scheduled. Please note however, that on the day of your procedure, if there
are any additional unforeseen treatments required, there may be added costs**

Medicinal Cannabis Consultations (Dr. Max Po)

Medicals & Forms Type Fee Rebate Gap
Initial Consult $150.00 $75.05 $74.95
Review $100.00 $75.05 $24.95

Women’s Health

Consult Fee Rebate Gap
Cervical Screening $91.40 $41.40 $50
Implanon Insertion/ Removal Please enquire – Initial consultation required

Heal Light Therapy (Dr. Max Po)

Therapy Fee Rebate
First treatment area $30 Not Covered
Multiple areas $20 per area Not Covered

Medical Report & Form

Type Fee Rebate
Commercial Driver License

$200 plus GST

Not Covered
Doctor’s Report
Form Completion Request
To be advised by doctor. Pricing
starts from $150 plus GST
Not Covered